My name is Ali D (Aleksandra Lucas), a Registered Massage Therapist though the CMTO (College of
Massage Therapists Ontario).

Massage has always been a passion of mine; however, Massage Therapy was a calling of mine—that journey began from a sports injury when I was in college. Through Massage Therapy, I enjoy educating my clients about mind and body connections, not only for treatments but in everyday life!

During my treatments, I love to explore muscles and feel for abnormalities in the tissues using electro stimulation. I take pride in being perceptive to my client’s needs and being able to release muscles while working within their pain tolerance.

I have certifications for the use of many different types of modalities and equipment. In understanding that everyone is different, I like having many different options and ideas of treating clients for their specific needs.


Please reach out with any questions you may have about me or my technique.