What is Electrotherapy? - Electrotherapy uses electrical currents to engage your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to assist with the body’s healing process - Interferential Current (IFC) uses a Sine Wave current. This differs from the popular TENS therapy, as it is a smoother wave which allows for a deeper reach into your tissues while being very safe and non-invasive

- Using electrotherapy in a continuous motion versus the traditional static pads, I’m able to cover a lot more area of tissue manipulation; thus covering more surface area
How can Electrotherapy benefit me? - Electrotherapy increases circulation, flushes out tissue abnormalities and speeds up tissue healing - This aids in the growth of new cells, repairs damaged cells helps flush out toxins - Electrotherapy scans body tissues and makes you aware of where you are holding your pain - The scanning process reveals blocks in your tissue, which likely the cause of any pain, discomfort, weakness, or loss of range of motion - Electrotherapy helps your mind body connecti
- Electrotherapy helps your mind body connection repair the disconnect in your muscles
Ali D
3:41 PM
Is Electrotherapy right for me? - Electrothertherapy can help with most conditions in the body! Pain management: Acute and Chronic Loss of Range or Motion Relaxation Circulation Lymphatic drainage Arthritis Tissue inflammation/ knots/scar tissue and adhesions



Full Name Date of Birth Address Phone number Occupation Have you received Massage Therapy before yes no Did a healthcare practitioner refer you for massage therapy? yes no Area of Concern Lower back Reason for seeking Massage Therapy? Comfort Have you received treatment for this condition in the past? Yes No Are you currently receiving treatment for this condition? Yes No if yes by whom? Naturopath Chiropractor Physiotherapist Massage Therapist Athletic Trainer Medical Doctor Medical Doctor
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Date of last visit: Please list any surgeries you have had in the past. Type: Date: Current Symptoms: Type: Date: Current Symptoms: Type: Date: Current Symptoms: Please list any injuries you have had in the past. Type: Date: Current Symptoms: Type: Date: Current Symptoms: Type: Date:
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Current Symptoms: List all current Medications Name: For what condition: Name: For what condition: Name: For what condition: Name: For what condition: Name: For what condition: Note
Please indicate the conditions that you are currently experiencing (/) or have experienced in the past (X) Head/Neck Headaches Vision Contact Lenses Sinus Earaches Muscles/Joints Pain/Stiffness Limitation of movement Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Back Pain Leg/Knee Pain Other Family history of arthritis
Skin Sensitive Rashes Contagious conditions Eczema Psoriasis Other Cardiovascular High Blood Pressure Low BloodPressure Chronic congestive heart failure heart attack phlebitis/varicose veins stroke/cva pacemaker or similar device heart disease Family history of any of these conditions? Yes No
Respiratory Asthma Bronchitis Shortness of Breath Emphysema Family history of above? Yes No Infections Hepatitis TB HIV Herpes Skin conditions Digestive Constipation Diarrhea Liver/Gallbladder Other Uro/Genital Frequent Urination Kidney/Bladder Other
Women Menstrual Problems Menopause Pregnant Due Date Other Other Conditions Cancer Insomnia Epilepsy Diabetes Osteoporosis Mental Health Special Notes (Pins, wires, dentures, artificial joints, pacemaker) General Health Note